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Chemical Abortion Ruling


A recent ruling has made it illegal to access a chemical abortion after seven weeks and has also made it illegal to ship abortion pills through the mail. The judge initially tried to make all chemical abortion illegal, but it was adjusted to seven weeks by another court.

Some states are already stockpiling abortion pills to ensure women can access them. Illegal pills will still be shipping through the mail. HOWEVER, this is still a huge win for life and for women’s health! The landscape is still shifting and it is unclear how this will play out.

A way to respond to the community:

"Abortion pills carry many risks and side effects. When used later in pregnancy, the risks and side effects only become more serious. When a woman obtains abortion pills through the mail she is often doing so without confirmation of pregnancy, without medical oversight, and without social support. We applaud this ruling as a step in the right direction to protect women's health and ensure that every mother has the love and support she needs when facing an unexpected pregnancy."


I am interested to see how this will go and hopeful we will see the end to legal chemical abortion!

Sarah M. Bowen

Executive Director of Promise of Life Network

Links to more info:

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