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February 22, 2025

Keynote Speaker

Annette worked at Planned Parenthood in Chapel Hill North Carolina as the Health Center Manager. As the HCM, she was responsible for the day to day operations of the facility as well as she was cross trained to assist in various roles, including holding the ultrasound probe in position during ultrasound guided abortion procedures. Demanding work hours, emotional distress, and moral conflicts all began to wear down on Annette’s heart and demeanor and eventually drove her into alcoholism, tearing her family apart.  One day Annette found information placed on her car about And Then There Were None ProLife Outreach, a ministry founded by former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson. She wasn’t quite ready to leave that day but kept the information in her pocket. It wasn’t long before Annette reached out to ATTWN for help and became a Quitter on May 3rd of 2016. 

She has since attended ATTWN’s healing program, restored her marriage and family, and worked tirelessly with Abby and her team to educate the prolife community about the deplorable things taking place inside these facilities and has shared her story in many written publications, at several national conferences, and on EWTN.


Prayer & Fundraising Breakfast



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